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What is Branding & What Does it Mean For You?

If you are on our site then that means you most likely own or play a role in a smaller scale business. While real estate agents can bring in millions of dollars a year, they operate alone or with a team. They don't have the capabilities of a Google or Coca~Cola. That is why it is so important to know exactly what branding is and what it means for you.

The Definition of Brand

Typically speaking, a brand is someone's complete perception of a person, product or service. Google's brand is search engine results, experimenting with technology, using frequent google doodles, helping people get to work, translating languages, and overall are known as an everyday, useful tool. Most people perceive Google as a brand they use and see every single day. With Coca~Cola we tend to think of christmas, the movies, family time, cookouts, and overall comfort and gatherings. The difference between these companies and you, are that these companies have dedicated teams that overlook their branding every hour of the day. For real estate branding can be pretty different.

What Should You Do To Help Your Brand?

The best thing you can do for your brand is associate it with high quality. Earlier we said that a brand is someone's perception of a product, person or service. As a real estate agent, you would fill all of these niches. You provide the photos, staging, experience and personality to your business. Clients are judging you by the way you appear, speak, your punctuality, and your perceived value.

To start off with high quality you need to be honest with yourself. What areas are you lacking in? What do clients want to see the most? Are you always clean and ready for business? If you were to enlist your own services, would you feel as if you were getting enough value?

One thing you can do to give clients a better sense of value is by speaking openly about the connections you have and your ability to get things done. Because I am a media specialist, you can go as far as to show clients the portfolio on this very site, the video, and the floorplans and let them know you are able to provide all of this. The best part is that you don't have to take the pictures, make the video, or do any of the work associated with the product you provide, but the clients will give you the credit for providing it. This extends to all vendors. Think staging, contractors, painters, roofers, the services your brokerage provides you, and even other agents that may have buyers for you. While they do the heavy lifting, you get credit for knowing them. Leverage that as much as you can.

On a more specific subject is media. Using professional video, 360° tours, photos, and floorplans add value to your business and your ability to get more of it. Your real estate media can be used on social media, email lists, advertisements, your website and of course, your listing. If you are only getting media that is good for your listing, then you aren't getting media that is good for you. So get more value out of the things you already pay for, increase your brandability and maintain the health of your brand.

If you are looking for photo and video you can be proud of, check out Pegasus Media to schedule an appointment.

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