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Should You Get Your Listing Photos Redone?

Every realtor has been there. You use a photographer and when you get your photos they don't look great. You can't ask for a refund and if you did it isn't likely you would get one. So what do you do? If you have the budget and your sellers are okay with it, you may want to consider getting some of the photos done again. Most photographers offer reshoots for lower prices if they personally shot the listing beforehand. This is done to try and rectify the mistakes they made and keep your business. If your photographer usually does good work then consider this route. If your photographer's quality has been dipping and you think it is time to find a new one, I can help.

How Would I Find A New Photographer?

Well you can simply search for one online! Remember to search for one near you or your listing. Sometimes Google can recommend design or architectural photographers or even real estate photographer hours away from your listing. When you search for any kind of business near you, Google will list the ones literally closest to you. Make sure to go through every site and review their portfolio and prices. When you book them, let them know that you only want pictures of certain areas. Explain that you need updated photos and that if they do a good job they can be your primary photographer moving forward.

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