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For Best Results, Take Your Time

Last week I was at a shoot. I only had two for the day with a healthy gap in between. This poor woman was paranoid that her house was dirty despite it being spotless. I waited for her to clean more and so did the realtor. By the end of all of this excess cleaning they informed me they were going to leave and come back in 15 minutes to be shown another listing, and that they would appreciate if I would be done by then.

Expect Photos To Take One Hour Minimum

Can I shoot a whole listing in 30 minutes? I absolutely can. Do I usually shoot a listing in 30 minutes? No. I want to make sure that the best angles, lighting, and arrangements are made, so that you will be happy and market your listing well. A lot of agents expect fast photos, but they can't be done quickly without sacrificing quality. You deserve quality. That is why you went out of your way to hire a professional. Aside from that, every listing is different and takes a different amount of time. One listing can be very challenging to shoot and will warrant the time. I am based in Birmingham, Alabama. Part of why I love my job is that I never quite know what I am going to walk into when I enter a listing. If the listing is perfect then I could knock it out quickly, but why would I if it is such a great space and I can make it look even better than typical listings?

But If You Can Work Quick, Why Don't You?

Because you pay me not to. In order for you to get buyers, social media engagement, a better listing presentation, and faster selling times, the media I produce has to be good. I purposefully budget out that time to get you what you want. The fact of the matter is, I can shoot many homes quickly and cut the work I do down significantly but I am a firm believer in quality. So if you are a realtor out there, please don't rush your photographer. They want to do the best job they can and you deserve to get your money's worth. This will only elevate your business and marketing.

Thanks for reading!

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