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Should You Really Have Listing Photos With The Lights On?

Okay, we get it. Why wouldn't you have your interior lights on? They brighten up the listing, and show off the actual light fixtures in the property. The thing is, this isn't completely true.

Wait, What?

1) They brighten up the listing

This isn't false, but any professional real estate photographer can brighten up a room without using the light fixtures. Your light fixtures actually barely contribute to the overall light level when looking through a camera.

2) They show off the actual light fixtures in a property

This is true but my counter argument is that having those interior lights turned on actually takes away from natural light coming into the scene. Plus, everyone knows what lights look like when turned on. They don't exactly look beautiful or remarkable. On the other hand, natural light sweeping into your property does.

But They Would Look Weird Turned Off, Right?

Actually, no. All the pictures in my portfolio have the lights off. They make my photos look unique and natural. Here's an example:

If you don't like how this looks then that's fair. Style is not style if it suits everyone. But ask yourself this: Would it look better with the lights on? I would say no. The soft light on the bed would be gone, and the light streaming in creating a unique image would also be gone.

The worst part is something I haven't mentioned: Color cast.

What's Color Cast?

Color cast is every real estate photographer's nightmare. It is the color that comes from orange bulbs, light bouncing off trees and making walls look green, and blue colored daylight. It makes pictures look very off and takes away from how listings actually look. When you turn off the lights then the lightbulbs don't shine an uneven amount of color all over the room, and makes shooting and editing go by faster.

Those walls should look more white, but because of the orange from all the wood, the light is bouncing off of the surfaces and then onto the walls, making them look more orange. Overall, it can make photos almost look muddy and dirty.


So what are the benefits to turning the lights off?

1) Beautiful and natural light that make your listing look unique and stylish

2) The shoot will take less time and you should be able to get photos delivered faster

3) Your photos look more realistic which appeals to buyers

4) Your photos will be more crisp and clean

Thanks for reading!

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