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4 Tips for Better Photos of Your Residential Listings

The majority of buyers start their search for the products and services they need through an online platform. From there, they gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision.

That said, the one thing they will commonly look for are pictures of the product or services they want to buy. The same can also be said of residential properties. Prospective home buyers will look at photos of properties that interest them to determine whether it is the right fit for their needs.

To ensure your residential property gets sold quickly and for the right price, you need to upload quality pictures that interest buyers. Here is how you can ensure the real estate pictures you upload are attractive:

1. Keep it clean

Before you snap that photo, ensure the residential property is as clean as it can be. Remove all clutter. Anyone in front of the camera should either hide somewhere. You want to showcase the home in its most pristine and simplest state possible. Doing this will allow buyers to visualize how they can decorate the house and even how their lifestyle will look if they do decide to live there. A clean home goes a long way towards motivating the buyers to learn more about your property. It can increase your chances of finally getting the home sold.

2. Do some edits

Much like you would edit any other work, such as a written document before submitting, the same can be said about pictures. Before you upload your photos online, you must do some editing. Such edits can include cropping the images, correcting the colors, re-orienting the pictures, and resizing them. They are all great in helping the photos look much more professional and attractive. Plus, knowing that this little bit of effort can exponentially boost your chances of success means that editing is more than worth your time.

3. Stay still and level

When taking a photo, you must keep the camera as still and level as possible. By hand, this can be tough, so we highly recommend using a camera stand. If you are using a phone, then it might be a little more challenging. Regardless, you want to stay still and level because the pictures can end up blurry. If the image is not level, buyers will have to tilt their heads to look at a home, hurting the buyer's experience.

4. Hire a professional photographer

If you do not know how to take pictures or do not have the time or resources to do so, it won’t hurt to hire a professional photographer. There are plenty of residential property photographers out there that can showcase your home in its best light. While you will need to pay for their services, professional photos are truly priceless. It goes a long way towards increasing your home's value and boosting the number of buyers interested in your property.


Pictures can make or break your residential property listing. With good pictures, you could elevate your chances of obtaining as many buyers as possible, allowing you to negotiate for the best price possible. With bad shots, you would be lucky to get one or two inquiries about the property.

That being said, remember the tips we have shared with you about sharing pictures of your listing. Combining them will ensure you produce quality photos that put your home in its best light. If all else fails, hire a professional to do the job for you!

Pegasus Ground Air is a real estate photography service in Birmingham to help sellers enjoy plenty of listing traffic to get the sale they deserve. Work with us today and get your home the attention it deserves!

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